Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So... I've ended my first attachment at my work place... It was a lil rushed, really ADHD like, and have a feeling of rootlessness, but I have to admit it did expose me to a lot of the branch and let me see how the cogs work in it. =]

On another note, another acquaintance's getting married! Omg!! It's not that marriage isn't lovely and nice and sweet and all that... It's just... A jolt of reality each time. That we've entered marriageable age? Not really... That we're REALLY entering a new phase of life? Ya... Seems like it...

Actually, looking at the truth behind it, it's not like the marriages are ruses or something, but I think the housing policy now doesn't consider psychological development. At young adulthood, people have great urges to move out. It's biologically adaptive, really, since it prevents 'in breeding' and all that now that the young person is grown up. So since we can't physically remove ourselves from our parents, we distance ourselves psychologically. This creates a lot of tension between young adults and parents. Also means increase in arguments. Fraught family tensions. Not good, you know? But no, the policy looks so hard at "MUST. CREATE. FAMILY!! FORCE. PEOPLE. TO. MARRY. FOR. HOUSING!!" (something like that, at least, to the layman) that it forgets to look at other things, like, plain didn't-cross-your-mind forget. Things like psychological development that has great impact on, well, families! The basic building block of society they wanna get at. The things they want to firm up. So, a number of my friends (the single ones, since I started the post saying so many acquaintances are marrying already) actually have tightrope-like tension with their parents, and no wonder, yes?

So looking at it, we (as in we, the layman of Singapore) often say people are getting married to get HDBs. True. Not saying that they don't love each other or anything, they do! But yes, HDBs. Time to move in together and stay together, in place of the not so commonly known (maybe subconscious) though of time to move out of my parents' place. Not talking about not being filial or anything (my acquaintances are all filial, to my knowledge), just... evolution doing its thang, you know?

So... Ya... New phase of life, wanting to cut apron strings, (yet another) friend marrying off to their sweethearts and all that (lost count how many in the past year alone. And it only started in the past year)......

Maybe... I should just rent out flat some time? It'll eat a huge chunk out of my salary which I'm so keen to save to finance my future (accommodation, possibly further education, emergencies, retirement), but, really... This instinct is really kicking me in the rear end harder than most people......

Monday, August 27, 2012

Thank goodness for flu!

Haha! Flu's sucky, everyone knows that. But some how, I'm a lil bit thankful for having one today. =]

The morning was still kinda bad, but it definitely wasn't boring coz well, briefings by the units where I work are all pretty interesting, so I liked it (although my nose was literally dripping and I couldn't even snort it back in. Ya, I know, DISGUSTING, yes? I shall answer on your behalf, "YES!! OMG!!"). It was even nice during lunch coz of my lurching stomach, I stayed in the office by myself, but I got my own down time and was pretty pleased with that, coz my head was too stuffy to socialize. =P

I got a lot of love from my colleagues though. =D They are really the best people to be colleagues with, and I'll be sad when it's time for our postings in about two months coz that means we won't be together any more. Unsurprisingly, this is a pretty common feeling for most of us. Ah well, 旧的不去,新的不来. >.< =]

Anyway, even during the presentations later on after lunch, I got respite from monotony (not that my friends aren't good presenters, it's just that lengthy presentations are really sleeping aids) from having to run off to the toilet pretty often to clear my nasal cavity. Hahahaha!! Omg, that's so disgusting, but really, it helped! It allowed me to give my full attention during the interesting points. =P Best yet, my nose some how was 乖 when it was my turn to speak, so I managed to pretty much present as well as I usually can (I even got +ve feedback from my friends. ^^ *happiness).

But the best of all is after work. For once, I didn't speed-walk home, coz my flu made me tired, so I slowly made my way back. I actually enjoyed eating my dinner, coz I was actually slowly eating it. I would have just 干吭 otherwise and not tasted it. I actually enjoyed my very normal dinner!

And though it was drizzling, for once, I didn't walk outside coz it is a faster, shorter route. I walked in doors, and spotted a REAL SHOE BARGAIN *goes UTTERLY CRAZY!!!!!!!!! @▽@* OMG!!! But no no no, MUST 忍!!!!! Coz omg, I've a thousand and one pairs of shoes already!!! And reall, my shoes are piling up!!! But ok, yes, spotted shoe bargain, asked store owner when her temp store is there until, and then ok, wait until the last day, if I'm still thinking of it (I'd still be thinking of it) and there are those designs that I want of my size (tiny sizes sell out REAL fast in bargains), THEN I'D GET THEM!!! RAR!!!

And then I spotted the CUTEST elastic belt!! I'm a tiny girl, so a short belt is fine, but the clasp! OMG!! It's TWO TERRIERS KISSING!!! OMGADFJDOFNAIEHFJASFJZDBFJKD!!! YOU CAN FAINT FROM LOOKING AT IT!! I was asking when they'd be there until and all that, then I found out that it's the LAST ONE!!! DFNAFHSDFKLD!!! NOOOOOOOOO way I'd leave it there and walk off for a few days, especially when it's only $10. It's a little expensive for me (and most prob only for me) for a belt, especially when it had a little bit of scratches, but I'm not going home without it. <sings>Won't go home without youuuuuuu!!</sings> Hey! Even when the elastic spoils, you just have to change it, and you can still use the pretty and cute kissing terrier clasp! =D Yups. So I'm one belt richer and am wearing that adorable belt tmr. =P

Then coz I was taking the sheltered way back, I finally, finally walked past that furniture shop and looked at their shoe racks. Ya. When my shoe rack gets filled, my first thought is not to stop buyign shoes, but to get another shoe rack. =_= Go figure, right? Got my eyes set on a $48 wooden one. Looks good, value for money number-of-shoes-it-can-hold-wise, just needs a layer of lacquer or vanish. That's simple enough - I can do that.

Strolled home. Oh my!! So many 收获s today!! ^^ Hehheh! Coz of my decisions stemming from my flu! That's really great! ^^ Hope my flu abates by tomorrow though. These few days are pretty 'crucial' per say, so I really don't wanna miss anything!